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3 Ways To Wow Him With Your Words

Use these convo tricks, and you'll have him wrapped around your finger in no time.

1. Compliment something quirky. Tell him you always like lefties, praise his email humor, or if you're bold, lock eyes and say "I love the way you took charge of planning tonight." Noticing something unique shows you're focused on him in a way that a normal compliment wouldn't.

2.  Tell him what's worth seeing. Men are visual creatures, so ignite that part of his brain by using descriptive words that conjure up sexy images. For example, when you tell a story, plug in a detail about your physical self: "My hamstrings are sore from doing downward dog last night at yoga" or "Last summer in Bora, I practically lived in my favorite blue bikini..." You get the picture...and so will he.

3. Share a secret dream. Tell him what you'd do in an alternate universe—whether you'd be a ballerina or a government spy—then ask what he'd do. Revealing your imagination clues him in to personality traits he might otherwise miss on a first date. Plus, it assures him that you'll never settle for predictable (read: boring) exchanges.

Sources: Ann Demarais, PhD, coauthor of First Impressions; David Wygant, coauthor of Always Talk to Strangers.

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