3 Weird Signs He's Into You

Each of these behaviors is a dead giveaway that a man is sweating you. Catch your date doing one? Awesome. Catch your BF of five years? Even more awesome.

1. He orders the steak.

Even if a guy secretly prefers the pasta, he’ll opt for a more macho choice to assert his manliness, according to a Northwestern University study. So, if he consistently goes for the most dude-like thing on the menu, like a big slab of meat, you know he’s trying to impress you.

2. He starts talking like you.  

Research from the University of California at Riverside shows that people subconsciously pick up each other’s speech patterns (even accents) in conversation. “A man will unknowingly mimic how you talk to seem more likable,” says Jessica Lakin, PhD, a psychology professor at Drew University. In an LTR? Slip a new verbal tic (like “anyways”) into convos and see if he does it, too.

3. His mind goes blank. 

A recent study found that when a guy is attracted to a woman, he’ll concentrate so much brain power on wowing her that he’ll temporarily lose his short-term memory for basic facts, like the name of the company you work for or your roommate. Aw, that’s kinda cute.

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