30 Sex Tricks To Try This Summer

Make nooky more exciting by trying these passion pointers--straight from the men. We guarantee neither of you would mind the intense heat from these moves.
  1. Lightly claw the inside of my forearms with your fingernails. Sensitive skin = immediate chills.

  2. Treat my nipples like ice cream cones and take really light licks. A few gentle bites won’t hurt either.

  3. Slide your panties off and hop on top of me with your skirt still on.

  4. When I’m standing, brush your fingers over the no-man’s-land between Big Junior and the perpetual exit.

  5. Blow on my nipples.

  6. Scratch the back of my head when I’m giving you oral sex.

  7. Trace your fingertips over my lips to tell me you’re in the mood.

  8. Dangle your hair between my legs and shake your head around.

  9. A hand job without lube is like fries without ketchup. Grease up.

  10. When we have sex from behind, lie on your stomach, tilt your hips up slightly, and move them in circles until we’re synchronized.

  11. Lift my arms and lick the bottom part of my armpit, where it connects with my chest.

  12. Massage both of my inner thighs at the same time. Get as close as you can to my hot spot without actually touching it. The longer you rub, the more I want you to move in for the kill.

  13. Good words to say during sex include more, mmmm, and any verb preceding me.

  14. When I’m thrusting, squeeze my biceps so I feel like The Man.

  15. I had a girl who grabbed hold of my boxers with her teeth and tore them down. It was so animalistic.

  16. Make me pull out before I completely penetrate. Tease me like this three or four times. Once the sex is under way, I’m sure to have one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had.

  17. Suck my index finger like you’re simulating oral sex. I swear there’s a direct path between those nerve endings and the ones in my penis.

  18. Grind your hips. It’s an even better way to tell me you like what I’m doing than “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

  19. Lick your fingers sopping wet, and then pinch and stroke my nipples.

  20. During oral sex, start below me, move to the side, then to 69. Changing your body’s angle changes the angle of your mouth, which feels beyond fantastic.

  21. It’s one thing to rip off my clothes, but it drives me crazy when you rip off your clothes. It’s like you just can’t wait to get naked with me.

  22. My girlfriend sometimes tells me not to move when I get inside her. We lie still for a few seconds. Then she tells me to only make one thrust at a time. When she turns me loose, it’s all over.

  23. Hold my balls the way you’d hold a little baby bird.

  24. Grab my butt with both hands when you’re giving me oral.

  25. Tell me how great I was in bed…a few days later…in public.

  26. Use a firm grip when giving me a hand job, as if you were shaking hands with the president.

  27. Let your lips linger along the front of my hip bone before working your way down south.

  28. My ex used to spread my legs and tell me to lean against the wall as if I were under arrest. Then she weaved in and out, touching, kissing, licking...

  29. Wear low-rider jeans so I can see the skin between your belly button and the top of the jeans. I love those jeans, but I want them off.

  30. Don’t always approach my penis the same way during oral sex. Sometimes, go at it from the side…like you’re eating corn on the cob.
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