4 Booty Touches That Will Turn Him On

Can't keep your hands off your man's sizzling backside? Tell him how you feel with the clever way you touch him there.

1. A Hand In His Pocket

"Slipping your hand into one of his back pockets can broadcast that you feel extremely close to him," says Sonia Borg, PhD, a sex therapist in San Diego. This soothing sign of affection is an especially great move to use if he's feeling nervous or anxious.

Tip: Introducing him to your friends for the first time? Let him know he's doing fine by resting your hand there. Just be careful not to pull this move every time you go out--he'll see that constant urge to touch as you being too needy.

2. A Lengthy Squeeze

Clutch one butt cheek firmly for a few seconds and all he'll be able to think about is ripping off your clothes. "Men interpret this touch as the most sultry and sexual, because you're holding on long and hard enough to really feel his body," says sex therapist Debra Macleod, co-author of Lip Service: A His And Hers Guide To The Art Of Oral Sex And Seduction. "It's very animalistic, so it will make him want passionate, drawn-out sex."

Tip: Try testing this move when you're heading home from a date to let him know what's in store.

3. A Light Rub Or Pat

Quickly stroke his ass when you're out with a group of friends or heading to your seats in the cinema. The reason? "He likes that flirty, light touch when he has other things going on," says Macleod. "He'll take it to mean that you're thinking about him, but it's not so sexual or intimate that he'll feel like he has to devote all his attention to you." And be assured that when you're alone with him later, he will remember that little pat and want to get it on.

4. A Hard Spank

A swift slap lets him know you want to be in control right then, and most guys find that totally thrilling. "Men sometimes feel like they have to be the aggressor when it comes to planning a date or sex," says Borg. "But he'll interpret a spank as a sign that you want to make the next move and call the shots." If you're heading out with him, do it as you step out the door, then tell him you are picking the restaurant, and everything else you do that night.

Tip: In bed, slap his butt and then move him into the position you're craving--this will really nail home that you're the one in charge.

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