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4 Easy Ways To Make Him Smile

These little ego strokes will not only cheer him up, they'll also keep him hooked.

1. Let him save the day.

Due to their provider instincts, “men feel important when they can help you,” says Susan Rabin, author of Lucky in Love. Make him your go-to guy when you want advice on handling a sticky work situation or when your car is making a funny noise.

2. Brag about him.

Tell pals about his amazing adobo recipe or his buff bod. “It’s huge for his self-esteem when you show him off,” says Allen Berger, PhD, author of Love Secrets Revealed. It proves that you notice what’s special about him.  

3. Make him feel desired.

“What turns a guy on most is being wanted sexually,” says Berger. Try a line like “I can’t wait to get you into bed.” Adds Berger, “It shows that you value your sex life and want to keep it exciting.”

4. Give a memorable goodbye.

Kiss him deeply, grind into him a little, then gently push him away and say, “See you later!” You’ll be on his mind ’til then.