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4 Major Reasons Why Couples Break Up

"I'm not the same person I was seven years ago."

Whether it’s love at first sight, an accidental meeting, or serendipity, people can’t resist a good romance. A perfect beginning, however, doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending. Here, we list down eight reasons why some love stories endure and why others fade away.

“We don’t see eye to eye on the most important things.”

They say that opposites attract, but if you and your man can’t even agree on the most basic principles and values in life,  you’ll end up fighting every step of the way. Remember, a relationship takes work, but it shouldn’t be too much work! 

“I’m not the same person I was seven years ago.” 

People change—and not always in ways that’ll bring you and your man closer to each other. When this happens, go out on dates, have more conversations, and spend more time together. There’s no reason why you can’t get to know the man who captured your heart all over again. 

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“I cheated.” 

There’s a reason why relationship gurus like original sex expert Ruth Westheimer and The Secrets to Surviving Infidelity author Dr. Scott Hatlzman say that people may be better off not coming clean about cheating. That’s because the moment one party crosses the line, it changes EVERYTHING. Feelings of doubt, anger, and betrayal replace those of love, respect, and trust. 

Then again, keeping your dirty secret can also take its toll on your conscience. Examine your reasons for straying. Talk it over with your closest friends or ask your parents for advice. Only by getting to the bottom of your unfaithfulness can you really begin mending your relationship.

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“He’s too immature.” 

He has no regard for the future. He’s inconsiderate and only thinks of himself. Instead of communicating openly with you, he throws a tantrum. All these are signs of immaturity, and no matter how much you love your man, it’s not your responsibility to raise him. Instead, have an honest conversation about his behavior. Tell him that he needs to man up or risk losing you for good. If that doesn’t make him put in the least bit of effort, then perhaps you’re better off finding someone who will.  

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