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4 Qualities That Make You Girlfriend-Material

Wow your new guy with these simple traits men love. He'll be hooked faster than you can say "commitment."

1. You give good ear. Men want a girl who shows enthusiasm about stuff that's important to him, from his job to his fantasy NBA team. Making eye contact and asking questions convey that genuine interest.

2. You do your own thing. Your independence is one of your sexiest assets, so don't let hobbies and passions fall by the wayside. Maintaining your routine shows you're interesting and confident—attributes no dude can resist.

3. You laugh. Guys often don't want you to be one of those overly giggly chicks, but they do want you to think they're funny. Laughing at a man's jokes makes him feel good and proves you're carefree.

4. You call him out. If he is habitually late or never calls when he says he will, he may be testing to see if you'll point out that he's acting like a jerk. The right man values a woman who respects herself enough to give him a challenge—and inspire him to step up.

Sources: Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD, author of Why Can’t You Read My Mind; Daniel Ellenberg, PhD, co-founder of

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