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4 Relaxing Activities You Can Do With Your Man

You don't have to spend much on these soothing ideas for unwinding together.

Just chilling out with your man can give you a surge of feel-good vibes. Boost that potential with these ideas:

1. Go for a sunny stroll.

Dress down and take an arm-in-arm walk through your neighborhood on a breezy day. The wind in your face plus your brisk pace will give you a rush of dopamine, making you feel happy and exhilarated.

2. Relish a rubdown.

The second you're back home, strip each other down to your underwear and soak face towels in cool water. Wipe each other with the towels paired with soothing massage strokes that will ease the tension from your day.

3. Feast on comfort food.

Whip up or have Chinese food from say, Mr. Choi or North Park delivered to your place where you can sit back and relax over a batch of homemade iced tea. For dessert? Have some yummy vanilla ice cream (spiked with a shot of Kahlua, if you like).

4. Savor the sunset.

Drive to a great spot in town where you can watch the sun go down. Blast the radio on and bring a cooler of your own beverages so you can sip cool C2 while chilling outside the car. Or take a drive out of town to a place like Tagaytay where the air isn't too hazy to enjoy incredibly clear sunsets and more vibrant colors.

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