4 Sex Surprises Girls Love

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News flash: The more confident a woman feels, the more she wants sex, and the more she enjoys it. Now, do you really need any additional convincing to try out these ego boosters?


You may think “Oh, baby!” is a perfectly adequate way to convey how awesome your girl is in bedand it is. But, to make her feel how totally smitten you are, you need to throw in her name now and then. Overdo it and it’ll sound rehearsed, but hearing it every so often will stroke her ego, just like hearing her whisper (or scream) your name boosts yours. “Say it once, and look at her when you do,” says Ava Cadell, PhD, a clinical sexologist in California and founder of loveologyuniversity.com. “She’ll feel more attractive if she knows you’re focusing on her.”


Most women, even your hot girlfriend, have a body hang-up or two. And, if you catch her on a “fat” day, those little insecurities can make her self-esteem—and libido—take a nosedive. So, zero in on the spot she tries to downplay (hint: For most chicks, it’s the butt, tummy, or thighs) and tell her how sexy it is. “This is especially important to do before you’re in a position that puts her on display, like girl-on-top or doggie-style, so she’ll be able to really let go,” explains Yvonne Fulbright, PhD, author of Touch Me There!


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While jumping her bones may seem like the ultimate compliment, to her, it just says you’re in it for you. Instead, stretch out foreplay by exploring her body and touching or kissing her in places you usually miss. “She’ll feel sexier knowing that you want to take your time enjoying her,” Fulbright says.


You know that thing your girl does that makes your jaw drop so far that you can’t even speak? Well, once you recover, string together a sentence complimenting the specific skills you find amazing. “The more detailed you are, the better,” Cadell says. Phrases like “That was great!”—even if you mean it—will set off her BS detector. But, tell a girl exactly what you enjoyed and she’ll do it again...and again.

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