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4 Sexy Secrets That Will Turn Him On

Some naughty secrets are meant to be shared with your man. Cosmo got a guy to spill what men really want to hear about!

Okay, so your guy knows you're not immune to having impure thoughts, but he may not realize how much of a minx you really are. So give him a peek into that dirty mind of yours by confessing the following four things:

1. You Go Commando

Of course, you may simply be skipping your skivvies to avoid unsightly panty lines, but there's something about your liberated lower region that gets a man revved up. It might be the idea of easy access, the fact that you could "accidentally" expose your bare derriere, or the nod to your body confidence. Or according to Jerry, 19, all the above: "I love when my girl whispers in my ear that she's not wearing underwear because it feels like we have our own private, kinky secret. Not only does it make me think about getting it on wherever, whenever, but it also shows she's comfortable with her sexuality."

2. You Have Fantasies

Although we men are constantly creating sexual fantasies in our head, we tend to assume that women's imaginations are nowhere near as active. So when you admit to thinking about sex outside the bedroom, it's thrilling, especially if those thoughts are surprisingly naughty. "When my girl told me she fantasized about being tied up in bed, I was blown away," says David, 22. "We didn't even have to act on it—just knowing that she had this wicked side to her kept me excited for weeks."

3. You've Peeped At Porn

Whether you've flipped through a nudie mag or purchased a racy DVD, an interest in X-rated materials is nothing to be ashamed of. James, 29, thinks it says a lot about a chick's sexual state of mind. "A lot of girls are squeamish about that stuff, so when a woman is interested in watching soft-core flicks or checking out my men's magazines, I feel like she'll be more open to trying new things in bed," he says. "And nothing is hotter than a woman who's willing to experiment and mix things up."

4. You Pleasure Yourself When He's Not Around

Hey, if your man's not there to get the job done, he'll be happy to know you took matters into your own hands. (Let's be frank: He does it all the time.) Take Cholo, 33: "I'd love it if a girl told me she got down with herself because it says she wants sex as much as I do. Guys think we're the only ones with insatiable urges, so I'd be psyched to meet my match." When you hint at the private party you had the night before, don't be surprised if he tries to show you an even better time.