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4 Signs He's Just Not That Into You

Is he really busy or just too busy for you?

Boy meets girl, both fall in love, and they live happily ever after. Sounds swell, right? If only dating and love were that easy.

Aptly called "The Chase," this stage has its kilig moments, but it can be tiring, too, especially when you're giving it your all and he doesn't seem as interested. It's mentally and emotionally exhausting to decode a man's behavior and to expect things to happen, but if you know the signs, you won't have to waste your time. Below are some of the red flags to watch out for.

You often make the first move.
While there's nothing wrong with making the first move, the lack of interest on his part is demotivating and says a lot about what he thinks of you. The same goes for when you two only go out when it's convenient for him. You may have to accept the fact that you're just a spare tire that he needs when he gets bored.

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You don't communicate often.

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He doesn't call you often and takes way too long to reply to your messages, but when you're together, he's always on his phone. Obviously, you're not a priority.

He doesn't introduce you to his close friends and family. 
You're his secret girl. Sure, it sounds exciting at first, but let it go on long enough, and you'll be stuck in that limbo without the right to demand.

He's open to talking about other women with you.

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He may just be testing to see how you would react, but it's plain rude to talk about him dating other women when he's supposed to be wooing you.

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