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4 Signs He Still Hasn't Moved On From His Ex

You like him, but is he still hung up on his past relationship?

Whether you’re already going out with him or you’re a self-confessed abanger, you have to understand that your man won’t be able to reciprocate even a tenth of your affections if he’s still hung up on his ex. He might say otherwise, of course, but actions speak louder than words. Here, four signs that he’s still pining for her.

1. Her name keeps coming up in conversations. 
Literally everything reminds him of her: The perfume you’re using is the opposite of her signature scent, the cupcakes you two are eating aren’t as good as the ones she bakes, even walking out in the open air will make him wonder if she’s under the same sky, too. 

2. He still cares about what she thinks. 
If he has to make a decision—say, he's not sure whether to buy a new phone or a new tablet—he’ll message her first. Nevermind that you've just given him a detailed presentation on the pros and cons of each. 

3. He still stalks her social media accounts. 
Curiosity is all well and good, but if he sneaks a peek at her IG account waaaaay too often, that’s proof that he’s still hung up on her—that and he likes to torture himself emotionally. 

4. He’s incredibly updated on her life. 
It’s not odd for exes to still be in touch, but if he knows every latest development in his ex-GF’s life—her cat Libby apparently just gave birth to a litter three hours ago—then he might not have room for you in his heart.

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