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4 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend

These are red flags.

Sign # 1. If he controls what you wear.

"Babe, that skirt is too short. Why don't you try that maxi dress I gave you?" is another way your guy is telling you, "Don't make it easy for other guys to check you out." We get the concern, and it's sort of cute he's being protective. But dating a guy who forbids you to wear absolutely everything in your closet because of its hemline—or lack thereof—isn't really doing anything for you. If you have a fantastic set of legs or a flat tummy—show them off! Not all at once, but you get the picture.

Sign # 2. If he lets you choose between him and your career.

Remember this: It should never be a choice between him and your career. If you land your dream job, and your guy feels ridiculously threatened by it—or your success, it might be high time to rethink the whole relationship. You deserve a guy who will be supportive of your career choice, especially one that you're pretty damn happy about.

Sign # 3. He hates all the guys you hang out with.

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Sure, it's cute when the boyfriend gets a little jealous of the guys you hang out with. But it's not okay if he stops you from seeing your guys friends, just because he's insecure they'll snatch you up. It's also NOT fair if you stop seeing your friends because your boyfriend says you shouldn't. Girl, they were your friends before he came along—and trust us when we say that they will be there (with a tub of ice cream and the complete box set of Friends) when the relationship doesn't work out.

Sign # 4. He's possessive.

You can't go out. You can't go to girls' night out. You can't get drunk without him. Basically, you can't eat, live, or breathe without him being there. As much as you love him, every girl needs her personal space. When you finally decide that it's over, you can pull a Basha, and say, "Wala ng tayo."

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