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4 Signs You're NOT Exclusive

You’re totally smitten with your new guy, but you can’t tell if you’re on the road to coupledom or if he’s still making those few side trips. Check for clues that reveal he’s still shopping around.
1. His PDA Style

When the dude you’re dating is all over you in private but hardly lays a finger on you in public, that’s a clear indication that he’s not willing to make any sort of public declaration that you’re together…yet.

2. His Date Behavior

A smitten guy will make an effort to impress you and show interest in your life. For instance, he’ll spring for a good restaurant, ask you questions about yourself, and subtly mention some of his finer attributes. Someone who sees you as just a fling won’t do much to win you over.

3. His Friends

If you know he has a large network of friends, and yet you haven’t had so much as an invite to hang with the barkada, it may be a sign that he doesn’t see you as becoming a permanent fixture in his life.

4. His Body Language

Here’s a clue that your guy could be hedging his bets: When a man is really into you, he often gets fidgety because his nervous system is rocking with adrenaline. So if your new love interest is a little too chill, he may not be feelin’ an earth-shattering connection.
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