4 Surprising Factors That Make A Guy Eager To Meet You

Lately, we've noticed a bunch of new research about what inspires a guy to cross a room and say hello. Good news: they're actually easy to pull off.

You’re being chatted up by another guy. 

A man will subconsciously zero in on a woman who other guys are focusing on...and crave her more as a result. So, acting flirty with your hot guy friend could help pique the interest of that John Lloyd look-alike sitting a few bar stools away.

You’re wearing a little black dress.

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A new study shows that men rate women as sexier when they’re rocking this badass hue, likely because it flatters your figure and makes you seem more mysterious.

Your lips are pink.

Men are biologically attracted to women with full lips, since they’re linked to fertility. A pale lipstick, like light pink or peach, attracts light, which makes your mouth look plumper.

You popped in your contacts.

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A University of Warwick study found that people who wore contacts instead of glasses had more sexual success, since they felt more confident. Bonus: Your peripheral vision with contacts lets you spy all the hotties prepping to approach.

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