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4 Things That Go Through An Awkward Girl's Mind When Meeting Guys

Do you like cheese? Because I love cheese very much.

Unfortunately, some of us weren't born social butterflies. Especially with guys—most especially with guys. So here it is: an account of what goes on in our heads when we try our hand at socializing with the boys.

 1. Hide. Run away before it's too late. Pretend to not notice him. Whatever it takes to abort mission. Seeing guys a mile away gives us all the jitters and we want to save ourselves from further humiliation. Ugh, do we really have to go with this? We think we're perfectly fine with, you know, avoiding all sorts of human contact.

2. Do I wave back? Or do I say 'hey' to make it sound more casual? How in the world do I start or follow through with this conversation? Oh no, he's coming this way. OMG he's waving! And what's that? He's mouthing a 'hi'! Okay, okay, calm down.

3. Oh I like cheese. Yeah, probably that one. What? That's the first totally random thing that popped in my head. He'll definitely pick up on that.

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4. Sigh. He is perfection. He looks so gorgeous with his hair pushed back and isn't he the nicest? He has the most ~*amazing*~ eyes.


For the complete list of things that go through an awkward girl's mind when meeting guys, check out!

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