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4 Things You Can Do To Cheer Him Up

What do you do when your man is down in the dumps? We've got some suggestions on how you can help raise his spirits.

Women may be perceived as the sex more prone to mood swings, but even guys get the blues every now and then. When he's obviously feeling sad or depressed but doesn't want to open up about it, it can be frustrating for you to help him through it. Here are four subtle ways you can show him you're there for him without pushing his personal emotional boundaries too far:

1. Do Him A Favor

He sees any task that you don't usually do as "a treat," says Carol Bruess, PhD, co-author of What Happy Couples Do. Getting him his favorite snack will cheer him up.

2. Repeat A Loving Move

Even if you just cuddle up to him while watching TV, it's doubly meanigful when he's down. Studies show that men enjoy non-verbal affirmations of your love.

3. Give Him A Bare Hug

Try a bare-naked bedtime hug. It's a "quick, intimate" purely physical connection that's not necessarily sexual, says Bruess. For guys, your touch says everything.

4. Say Something Super-Sexy

"Risque talk outside the bedroom will show that you're unpredictable—a big turn-on," says Eve Marx, author of Flirtspeak. So while you're walking, whisper, "You look hot in those jeans."

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