4 Things You Do When You're In A New Relationship

Like stalking his ex GF's Instagram account.

Being in love is great–it makes you happy and inspired. But when you’re in a new relationship, you also tend to do a lot of funny and crazy things. Scroll down and see if you've done some of these:  

You assume the worst when he doesn't text back quickly.

"Is he okay? Is he in the hospital? Does he hate me? Did I do something wrong?"

You secretly stalk his ex-girlfriend’s Instagram account 

…while trying your best not to accidentally like her photos from 30 weeks ago. "Is she prettier than me?"

You can’t stop talking about him when you’re with your friends.

Your friends know waaay too many details about himfrom the time he accomplished his master’s degree in communication to how adorable he is with his pet dog.

You smile and feel good all of the time. 

Nothing can bring you down—not your daily commute, your evil boss, or your crazy ex-BFF. In fact, you can’t help but smile every time you think of him. Ah, love!

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