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4 Things Your New BF Worries About

They might not show it, but guys may have fears, too, in the beginning of a relationship.

"Yes, we are committed to each other," said actress and September 2009 Cosmo cover girl Carla Abellana, divulging to the press last weekend that she is now in a relationship with actor Geoff Eigenmann, her co-star in the now defunct primetime series Rosalinda. We couldn't help but notice the glow on Carla's face when she made the announcement. Anyone starting a relationship can relate to that giddy feeling. Both men and women experience that so-called "honeymoon stage." Everything is fresh, everything is brand new, and you both just want to tell the world how happy you are.

Not that we want to burst your blissful bubble, but early in a romance, guys actually flip over certain things. Here’s fair warning. Sure, we may act all laid-back, but underneath that cool exterior, we’re sometimes quaking in our boots. In fact, in the first few months of a relationship, men are often self-conscious and overly analytical. These are the biggie worries:

1. Your Long-Term Potential

In the beginning, guys aren’t exactly planning your future together. But, on occasion, a chick does something that shoots up a red flag and makes a dude wonder if he should get out ASAP.

Take Glen, 33, programmer: “A girl I was dating told me that she hated outdoorsy stuff, but I love going on adventures. I started stressing about how we could possibly work out. From then on, every high-maintenance thing she did made me take a step back until I just had to end it.”

2. If The Sex Is Good

After a period of being single, most guys are psyched to be getting sex on a regular basis. Still, he might worry about how his skills stack up. “When I’ve just started sleeping with a woman, I don’t know what she likes, so I get really paranoid that she’s not enjoying herself,” says Peter, 26, entrepreneur.

So, encourage us when we do something right. And if we take a wrong turn, kindly point us in the right direction. It’s the best way to ease his anxiety and the only way he’ll learn.

3. His Earning Potential

If you were looking for a sugar daddy, you wouldn’t be meeting guys at casual hangout places. Even so, a part of him stresses that you yearn for a high roller. “I find myself listening for clues about what kind of lifestyle she wants,” admits Danny, 28, marketing associate. “If she says she doesn’t want to work once she has kids or talks about a fancy trip she took with an ex, I feel insecure.” To curb his insecurities, keep the money talk to a minimum.

4. If You’ll Go Crazy

Call it false advertising: A guy meets a seemingly chill girl, one who comments on the waitress’s good looks (“Ang ganda ng skin niya”) and doesn’t care what he did at that bachelor party. Fast-forward three months and, suddenly, her true crazy-chick colors start to show.

“I went out with this girl who seemed cool, but overnight, she changed,” says Sam, 24, bank employee. “She began breaking into my email account, accusing me of cheating. I was like ‘What the hell happened to my girlfriend?’”

Yeah, you could swear up and down that you’re not going to lose your mind, but that’s what all the crazies say. Just stay freakin’ normal!

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