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4 Tips To Help You Ace Your Vacation With Him

Going on a holiday vacay? A real guy tells you how to act on your trip so he'll never want to go anywhere without you!

There’s no better way to bond with your guy than going on a trip for two. But you should know that while you’re both sipping margaritas poolside, he may be sizing up your long-term potential—no pressure or anything. To avoid screwing up a good thing, just follow these rules.

1. Be Low Maintenance

Maybe you’re the type of girl who spends P5,000 on highlights, but on vacation, you might want to pare down your beauty arsenal. Why? Because your guy wants to relax, not haul a separate suitcase for your hair products or worry that the accommodations aren’t to your liking. “When I traveled with my ex, she would criticize everything. For instance, she’d complain if the towels were itchy or the bed was lumpy. She even insisted on bringing her own bedsheets,” says BJ, 29. “After our third trip together, I was like ‘If you want things to be like home, then stay home.’”

December Man on Fire JC de Vera seconds the motion, saying, 'Wag masyadong maarte when it comes to food and places.”

2. Don’t Overplan

If you’re traveling alone, by all means book back-to-back walking tours. But when you have your man in tow, lay off all the super-scheduling. Sure, he wants to explore the local scene, too, but it’s impossible to relax when you’re being hustled from museum to historic landmark. Timmy, 27, finds his girlfriend’s carefree attitude refreshing: “She understands that just chilling and people watching can be as fulfilling as sightseeing sometimes.”

3. Treat Him

Maybe you split the trip 50/50, but even so, you’ll score points if you offer to pick up the tab one night. It sends the message that you’re a self-sufficient girl who isn’t just looking for a free ride. “After my final exams for graduate school, my girl and I went to Sagada for a few days,” says Steven, 28. “We planned on cooking food in the room, but one of the nights, she insisted on taking me out to celebrate my graduation. It was so generous of her to go out of her way like that.”

4. Give And Take

Here’s the scenario: You and your man are vacationing in a tropical paradise. But while he wants to throw on a couple of oxygen tanks and explore the reef, you’d rather lay out by the pool. To spend some quality bonding time together, trade off on your trip priorities. Take it from Chris, 24: “My girl and I realized in Siargao that we could both do the things we wanted and still hang out. She agreed to spend the first afternoon taking surfing lessons with me. Then I agreed to check out local shopping finds with her the next day.”

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