4 Ways To Ask Out A Guy

You'll be meeting lots of hot guys this summer, so don't be afraid to make the first move! Here are a few tricks to doing it without coming on too strong.

1. Invite him to join you for a low-key group activity: "I'm going to a party next Saturday. Want to come along?" It's more casual than asking him on a date-date (for example, going to dinner), but still conveys that you like him.

2. Before leaving the bar, party, or wherever you met, say "I'm taking off, but it was great meeting you. Here's my number if you want to give me a call." Then pass him your digits. You're on your way out, so awkwardness is cut short.

3. Enlist his help. For example, if you're moving and he mentions great movers he's used, ask him for his email address so you can get the info. Later, offer to take him out for lunch or coffee as a thank-you.

4. Wait for an opportunity to arise organically. Say, the conversation turns to boxing. Mention a cool sports bar you've been to, and tell him "Maybe we should go sometime." He can follow up on your lead, but there's no pressure.

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