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4 Ways To Comfort Him Through A Crisis

Guys have emo moments, too. Here’s how you can be his shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough.
For some reason, your guy’s not starting the New Year on a high note. He’s stressed out at work. A family member is sick. His best bud moved away. When he’s got it tough, show him the love.

1. Play Q & A.

All guys cope differently: Some sulk, and others shut down completely. And while it’s difficult to reach out to a guy in a funk, try. “Raise the issue and ask ‘What can I do for you?’” says JacLynn Morris, co-author of I’m Right. You’re Wrong. Now What?

2. Distract him.

There’s a time to workshop his troubles, and then there’s a time to help him take his mind off them for a while. So why not suggest going for a jog, catching an exhibit, or hanging with friends.

3. Give up the booty.

While bad news can switch off a woman’s libido, your guy may reach for you even more in times of distress, explains Morris. “Sex lets him express tenderness and relax without words.”

4. Don’t take it personally.

If your down dude just wants to be left alone, don’t read it as rejection. “Some guys like to work through a problem in their head first,” says Morris. So let him know you’re there for him if he needs you, and give him some space.
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