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4 Ways To Get Him To Do New Stuff

Persuade your guy to step out of his dating comfort zone with these tips from Cosmo.

You want to check out an art exhibit or a new club, but he’s not so into it. Absorb this advice on enticing your man to branch out.

1. Avoid The Guilt Trip

If he resists, using the “But I went to your basketball game” argument won’t work. “Bullying him will only make him resist further,” says psychologist Pail L. Fair, PhD, coauthor of I’m Right. You’re Wrong. Now What?

2. Dangle A Carrot

“Show him that trying new things is a two-way street,” says Fair. For example, if he hits that new jazz bar with you, then you’ll go to the car show with him...without complaint.

3. Give Him Some Playmates

For guys, fear of boredom is up there with the fear of never having sex again. “So if he’s
really resisting, invite some friends along,” suggests Fair. This way, he’ll know he has someone to turn to if his interest is fading.

4. Reward His Efforts

“Afterward, be sure to tell him how much you enjoyed spending the time with him, so he knows it really meant a lot to you,” says Fair. Then go ahead and plant one on him.

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