4 Ways To Make A New Man More Interested

Master these moves, and your new guy will keep wanting you--for good!

1. Be a tad bad. Hint at your naughty side while staying on your best behavior. After he gives you a steamy kiss, say “It’s a good thing you can’t tell what I’m thinking right now.” When he presses you for a confession, deny him.

2. Have some doubts. Guys love when they can prove someone wrong. Bait him into impressing you by casually mentioning that you’ve never met a guy who could pull off a surprise. He’ll silently make it his mission to be the first.

3. Unleash animal instincts. Lean in and whisper “You smell so good.” It sounds like an innocent enough compliment but slyly suggests a more primal level of attraction.

4. Break the touch barrier. At some appropriate point in the date, casually check his watch to find out the time, then use the opportunity to graze his supersensitive inner wrists.

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