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4 Ways To Make Him Give YOU Tender Loving Care

Guys sometimes find it hard to express their feelings. Find out how you can get HIM to show you that he cares.

1. Admit You’re Craving Care
Chicks often stay mum about what they want  for fear of seeming needy. But “men instinctively want to help,” says Gay Hendricks, PhD, co-author of Spirit-Centered Relationships. Speak up and he’ll deliver.

2. Explain Your Emotions

“Say up front that you just need him to listen. A guy can deal with that,” says Jeffrey Brantley, MD, author of Calming Your Anxious Mind. He’ll be comforting instead of worried that you’ll freak out on him next.

3. Tell Him He’s Helping

Whether it’s right then or the next day, let your guy know that you appreciate when he helps you relax, says Dr. Brantley. Saying thanks makes him feel like a success, so he’ll look forward to saving the day again the next time you’re down.

4. Secretly Tease Him

Next time you’re at a big dinner, sit beside your guy. Rest one hand on his knee beneath the table then casually slide your hand up his inner thigh.

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