4 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Extra Big

Having a small package is a big insecurity for most men. Try these tricks to help boost your man's confidence.

Ancient history has taught us that the teeny-weeny wiener is ideal. The Greeks proved it in their statues and paintings where Apollo-like men sported significantly less-than-impressive packages. Indeed, times have changed, as people these days perceive that bigger is better. “To all men, a big dick seems to be somewhat magical. Just as certain women may yearn for beauty and believe that if they had it their lives would be transformed, so do certain men yearn for longer, wider penises,” says Maggie Paley, author of The Book Of The Penis.

And while size remains to be men’s chief insecurity, most of these males aren’t small at all. In fact, “very few men are officially undersized.” These unfortunate ones have microphallus, a penis under three inches long and only an inch wide when fully erect. But, “most men—about 80 percent—measure between five to seven inches erect,” says Paley.

Even though experts agree that it’s the penile width, and not length, that produces hot, earth-shakin’ friction, a lot of men still can’t shake off their small sausage concerns out of their systems. And, what do you do when your guy is really on the less-endowed side? You make him feel extra-big, of course.

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  • Make the most of what he’s got. Take his penis inside your mouth and suck…very hard. Doing so will create an extra-tight fit that will translate to his feeling as if he’s got this oversized package.

  • During intercourse, keep your legs close together for super-tight fit. When doing missionary, place a pillow under your hips prior his penetration, so he can angle himself better and enter you more deeply.

  • Do it spoon-style. This way, he has easy access to your clit. Plus, he can opt to use his hands to intensify his orgasm and yours.

  • Extend foreplay.
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