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4 Ways To Snag That V-Day Date

It’s never too early to secure a date for Valentine’s! If you really want that cutie to ask you out in time for the day of hearts, follow these handy tips!
1. Give him encouragement.

Say something like “I had a great time tonight” before you part ways. A guy is far more likely to ask you out again if you leave him with some clear indication that you’re interested.

2. Know when to bite your tongue.

We live in a confess-all culture where telling everyone about everything has become okay. But on first dates, guys are supersensitive to a few topics that really turn them off. Some examples: anything to do with personal hygiene, why your last relationship failed, your thoughts on commitment, and current body hang-ups.

3. Hold off on hitting the sack.

Sure he’s putting the moves on you, but most guys would rather have you make them wait beyond your first meeting. Fact is, men love a challenge, so give him something to chase.

4. Make him work around you.

Of course you want to see him again, but don’t be available for marathon text-messaging sessions every time. It sends the message that you have a life beyond this potential romance...which men love.
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