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4 Ways To Start A New Romance Ritual

Want to come up with new bonding activities for you and your guy? Here, some tips from Cosmo.

1. ID Your Bonding Patterns

“Romance is about what makes you feel connected,” says San Diego psychologist Barbara Cox, PhD. Think about something you two did that still makes you smile.

2. Find Something You Both Love

“It has to be satisfying for both of you or it’ll never stick,” says dating coach, Katherin Scott. Ditch the romance novel before bedtime and work on a Sudoku puzzle together.

3. Work Up To It

Share a moment before work each day. Start with coffee, then build up to a brief chat. “Break down your goal, and start with the tiniest elements,” says Cox.

4. Relax Each Other

Try this re-energizing technique from NAO Salon and Spa in NYC: Press the space between his thumb and index finger to release tension throughout his entire body.

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