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48 Sex Tips From Guys

Up your game with these steamy tips straight from the lips of real men.
  1. Lay me down on my side. As you're doing fun stuff with my penis, reach around and lightly tug the little hairs at the bottom of my lower back.

  2. Lick between my toes.

  3. When I'm touching you, hold my hand like it's a computer mouse. Scroll to where you want me to click.

  4. Gyrate on my naked thigh.

  5. When you use your tongue—no matter what part you're kissing or sucking—alternate between using the whole surface and just the tip. It's a nice change of moisture and sensations.

  6. You have something silky in your drawer. Touch me with it all over.

  7. Kiss me like a jack-in-the-box—your tongue should only come out after things get cranked up.

  8. Change positions a lot during foreplay, almost like you’re a cat—springing from side to side, curling up under my arms, clawing me a little.

  9. Run your tongue along my teeth.

  10. Feel free to touch yourself almost as much as you touch me.

  11. Move my penis all around like an old-school Atari joystick—up, down, side to side, in a circle.

  12. During oral sex, wrap your feet around my back and tilt your pelvis up. It shows me I'm on the right track.

  13. Get all of your fingers in on the action when you touch my penis. With 10 fingers moving at once, I feel like you're the Coltrane to my saxophone.

  14. Caress the crease between the back of my thigh and my butt.

  15. Stretch your arms way above your head when we’re having sex in the missionary position. I like the way it changes the shape of your breasts.

  16. Whispery deep breaths are just as good as loud moans.

  17. Prop my head up on a few pillows while you're going down on me so I can see everything you're doing.

  18. Kiss the front of my neck up to my chin. You're so close to my mouth that I'll be dying to taste you.

  19. Give me a few minutes and then ask if I'm up for a rematch. I'll be up!

  20. My girlfriend made a "schedule of sex" and even marked times in my day planner: "9PM: Diane." Knowing exactly when we were going to have sex made the buildup incredible.

  21. During doggie-style, tilt yourself all the way back so you're sitting on my lap for a few thrusts, then rock back to the original position.

  22. Run your tongue up and down my spine, from my neck to my tailbone.

  23. Slide my legs down off the bed. With my feet dangling, I lose what little thrusting ability I have with you on top. And you have all the control.

  24. Lie in bed with a sheet draped on top of you, but so I can see all of your skin along the sides. One of my favorite parts of your breast is that beautiful hint of a curve on the side.

  25. Pleasure yourself with my penis.

  26. When you're on top of me, squeeze your breasts together just for a second. Then grab my hands and hold them over your chest the same way.

  27. Scratch my butt cheeks with your long nails while I'm on top of you. Do it firmly enough so it doesn't tickle.

  28. Don't be self-conscious when I want to go down on you. I like it.

  29. When I'm about to come, squeeze your pelvic muscles, my nipples, your lips against my mouth. The more tension, the stronger my climax.

  30. Offer up some dirty details about your experimental phase in college, like when you kissed that hot chick.

  31. Let your hands wander under the table in a fancy restaurant.

  32. When you sense that I'm about to orgasm, order me to come.

  33. Open your eyes while we kiss.

  34. I like spooning. It allows me to kiss your neck, touch your breasts, and run my hands all along your thighs.

  35. Suck my bottom lip.

  36. Lightly tug my chest hair. Mild pain creates major pleasure.

  37. Show me how you want me to go down on you by kissing the skin between my thumb and index finger.

  38. Hold my waist when I'm on top of you and guide my hips.

  39. Run your teeth along my fingers, toes, or any other place you’re kissing.

  40. Dig your nails into my back to get me to thrust harder.

  41. Tell me to hold off so we can climax together.

  42. When you're on top of me, go really, really slowly—all the way up and all the way down.

  43. Lick my fingers and then lead them down to your panties.

  44. It's called being sexually active for a reason. Shake your thang!

  45. When you're on top, pin my arms down right before I climax, and ride me hard...all the way to the finish line.

  46. Squeeze and release your pelvic muscles when I'm inside you like we're playing a game of tug-of-war.

  47. Leave your high heels on.

  48. Keep changing the position of your legs during missionary. Wrap your feet around the backs of my knees, then bend your knees with your feet flat on the mattress and tilt your pelvis toward the ceiling.
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