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5 Outfits Men WANT To See You Wear

No, they don't mean your birthday suit. From comfy jeans to skimpy bikinis, a real guy dishes the clothes that turn men on.

Contrary to popular belief, guys do notice what girls are wearing, even if we’re scientifically known to think of sex every seven seconds. We also daydream about things that we want on you, and no, they’re not just crotchless panties. We want to see your bodies perfectly accentuated by the wonderful picture frames we call clothes.

Jeans + Sneaks + T-shirt
“My laundry day clothes?!” you ask. Yes, men want to see a more natural you and catch you when you don’t care how you look. We wouldn’t want to be dating Rosalinda by night and waking up to Betty La Fea after the clothes have been tossed on to the floor and the makeup has been rubbed off. Plus, the comfy getup shows us your more laidback attitude: essential for when the flames have died down!

A Two-Piece Bikini
Let’s stamp a disclaimer on this: It doesn’t have to be a tiny thong bikini. Besides, we wouldn’t want other guys to ogle your bare bum. We just love to see you carry yourself with confidence while wearing as little as possible. Now you know why guys try to arrange beach vacays when they’ve snagged a quality woman. It’s to see her strut her stuff on the sand, jiggle in the water, and...ooops. There goes that seven-second thing again. Excuse us.

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mmanual_5outfits_main2.jpgWhite Gimik Pants
This narrowly beats the long evening gown with a slit that runs up to forever. White pants tell us that you’re confident enough to stand out in a crowd of blue-jean Janes during gimiks not dressy enough to warrant fancy skirts, and simply put, that turns us on.

The Little Black Dress And Stilettos
Every woman should have a little black number--to showcase those gams and a bit of cleavage. Plus, every man should experience that slow-mo moment when the girl of his dreams confidently struts into the room wearing that classic number, causing his jaw to drop to the floor. The stilettos are a significant add-on because they hint at a sexy, aggressive (and slightly masochistic) spunk that lets our imaginations run wild.

Red And Black Ribbon Thong And A Bustier
Lingerie counts as clothes, right? Made to make a girl feel sexy and a guy to rise to the occasion, there’s just a primeval sort of pleasure when a guy can rip his lady’s thong off with his teeth. The bustier completes the ensemble because it makes women look so damn sexy while tickling some collective porn fantasy. Of course, the red hue ups the temperature by a few thousand Kelvins.

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