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5 Practical Sex Lessons From TV Shows

For entertainment and pleasure purposes.

Nowadays television shows are as R-rated as they come–not to say that’s a bad thing. With explicit programming comes the promise of uncensored entertainment–and the abundance of sex scenes. But what most people don’t notice is that the sexual occurrences in these storylines can sometimes convey a practical message that the viewer can apply to their own sensual sessions.

Listed below are five (somewhat) current shows that can get you guys off in more ways than one. Time to get your hands on that remote!

1. Orange Is The New Black

The gist: A juju-cleansing New York socialite is thrown in the slammer when her lesbian lover uses her as a drug mule. Harsh reality sets in when she trades in her life of comfort for the not-so-welcoming company of other female inmates–which includes her two-faced ex-girlfriend!

The sex in this one: It’s mostly girl-on-girl, with a dash of the occasional correctional officer blowjob on the side.

The lesson: A little finger-and-tongue action in the showers is a potent alternative to actual intercourse.

2. Scandal

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The show’s gist: Olivia Pope is the leader of Washington’s premiere crisis management firm, but just like the shady politicians she protects, she’s got a past that won’t stop catching up with her. And when she hooks up with the big man of the White House, her own image and credibility become at risk.

The sex in this one: Nothing but high profile. When you’re having an illicit affair with the Prez himself, doing the nasty on desks, before presidential speeches, and in the confines of the oval office become second nature. 

The lesson: Although wild times at the workplace can be fun, don’t shit where you eat. And affairs are just plain skanky. 

3. Orphan Black

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The show’s gist: A street urchin witnesses a woman’s suicide, and when she attempts to lift the girl’s identity for her own, she discovers that the deceased is actually her clone. The catch: there’s more just like her. When she assumes her doppelganger’s life, not only does she steal her effects but her boyfriend as well. Of course he notices the switch, only because the sex is torrid and better.

The sex in this one: Rough quickies on kitchen counters and washing machines are aplenty.

The lesson: When it comes to everything romp-related, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not...unless of course you and your partner dig that sort of thing.

4. Masters Of Sex

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The gist: This opulent period drama chronicles the lives and discoveries of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, a couple who pioneered in the advancement of sexual research in the late ’50s.

The sex in this one: Studied, without losing that instinct for carnal pleasure.

The lesson: When it comes to sexual intercourse research will always give you an easy “A” in bed.

5. Transparent

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The gist: Familial dysfunction ensues when the patriarch of an LA family decides to transition into a woman.

The sex in this one: Ranges from ultra-normal to kinky. One episode sees Gaby Hoffman’s character seducing two black men into a threesome with some ecstasy in what her character calls a “Spit-Roast”–one guy takes her from the back while she gives the other guy oral. Sadly, she fails.

The lesson: Sex comes in various positions and permutations with different intentions for every encounter.



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