5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Insecure About His Ex

He's with YOU now, not her.

1. He chose you.
Yes, he loved her at one point in his life, but he also fell out of love with her and in love with you. Don’t be intimidated by their history. It’s your turn now to make your own memories together—and better memories, at that.

2. She’s in his past; you’re in his present and future.
You can’t change what has already happened, so just appreciate and enjoy what you have today. Being praning will only get in the way of what you two have now. 

3. He doesn’t think about her anymore.
If ever he does, it’s just in passing. He thinks about her the same way he randomly thinks about his childhood pet or an old classmate he hasn’t spoken to in years. It doesn’t mean anything. We all have memories, but we don’t cling on to them like our life depended on it. If you happen to find an old picture of them together on Facebook, don’t freak out. He’s not keeping it there because he still has feelings for her. He just doesn’t feel the need to backtrack and delete all traces of her. It’s a sign of maturity, too.

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4. They have both moved on.
He’s happily with you and she’s probably happily with someone else.  They didn’t work out for a reason. They broke up so that they could both find something better, and they did. That’s why he’s with you!

5. He doesn’t compare you to her.
It’s natural to feel threatened by his ex, but there’s really no reason to be. She's out of the picture, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to her and trying to prove to him that you’re better. He chose you because you’re not like her. He loves you for who you are. So stop stalking her Facebook and Instagram because you’ve already won.

You got the guy.

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