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5 Reasons Your Guy Is Glued To His VIDEO GAMES

A dude divulges how to help you manage and deal with your man's gaming habits.

There are quite a few things about us that boggle the imagination—such as our insatiable penchant for beer and televised sports, and yes, our love for video games.

1. Old School Is Cool

Most guys have been gaming at a very early age. It's likely that you know someone with an Atari or a Family Computer from back when they were kids. Don, 29, for instance, started gaming at 7. He recalls: "My dad, who was also a gamer, bought me an Atari when I was little. We stayed up all night playing Joust and River Raid."

2. Reality Sucks

A common misconception about games is that it's an escape from reality. To put things in perspective, any activity that puts your normal life on hold is an escape from it (i.e. reading, cinema, theater). Technology has created games which can believably mirror reality—some even surpass reality, creating a sort of hyper real universe. Admit it: The real world can sometimes be boring. In movies, you just sit in a dark theater while you watch the action hero do his thing. In games, you are the hero.

3. Challenge Me

Video games have opened up a more accessible arena of competition with others and oneself. Dong, 30, explains, "I keep track of my personal best in whatever stuff I do. That's what the high score is in a game. It is someone's personal best which is always ripe for a challenge." In a racing game, guys can take their favorite sports car and get their best lap times on a track. You can't exactly do that with the cars at your local Porsche dealer.

4. Fun In A Box

In certain games, you can nurture a fledgling race and eventually conquer the entire world. Others let you be the master of the fate of a handful of virtual people. As Vincent, 25, puts it: "Games give you the power to do things which you haven't even imagined doing." 

5. Quality Time VS. Log In Time

There's no doubt games can get very immersive and terribly complex. Sometimes games can get too engrossing for some guys that they end up shying away from the real world. If you find that your guy is more of a games addict than a games enthusiast, try not to come across as being too judgmental on his gaming habit as a whole.

Give him concrete examples on how his over-enthusiasm for games is affecting your relationship. Another remedy is to try setting up interesting real-world activities with him which alternate with his virtual endeavors. This will help both of you avoid the dreaded "game over" in a relationship.

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