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5 Signs Your Man Is Your Soul Mate

You tell him EVERYTHING first.

Falling in love is easy. You see someone from a distance, your eyes meet, and zing! Sparks. But finding your soul mate, well, that’s really something special. Think your current beau is a strong contender? Here, signs your man is The One.

1. You tell him EVERYTHING first.
Not because you feel like you have to, but because you really, really want to. If you just got promoted, he’s the first one you call (and the first one you want to celebrate with). If you find a P100-peso bill on the sidewalk, you text your man about your incredible luck right then and there. Your soul mate will almost always be the first one to know about what happens in your life—big or small. 

2. He can read you like a book. 
Like most men, he still can’t read your mind, but he’s pretty accurate! If you’re in a bad mood, he won’t just be more sensitive—"Here, you can have the last pizza slice"—he’ll also have a pretty good idea of what’s bugging you—"Yeah, I know your boss is a real jerkO, don’t forget to add the chili flakes." 

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3. You’ve had a number of eerie coincidences.
We’re not talking about how you two seem to end up ordering the same tofu sandwich for lunch—hey, you could both be just really, really healthy—but something along the lines of often remembering and then messaging each other at the same time. 

4. He helps you grow.
Having a soul mate for a boyfriend or husband doesn’t mean having a perfect relationship. However, he will definitely help you grow as a person and fulfill your life’s purpose, whether directly or indirectly. "Don't write off your relationship because it's difficult at times—understand that the difficultly is an opportunity for you grow," reports Mind Body Green.

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5. He knows all your secret fears and desires.
Your soul mate knows you inside and out. He knows you’re afraid you’ll turn out just like your mother or that you’re afraid quitting your job will mean you’re a failure. He knows you secretly want to be the next Jennylyn Mercado and that you love all those Tagalog hugot movies. But he doesn’t judge you for any of them!

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