5 Satisfying Sex Positions For Every Type Of Bed

Yes, including a sofa.
PHOTO: Kate Buckleitner

Certain beds come with certain challenges, sex position-wise. Here's how to make the most of each one.

  1. In a Twin Bed: The Side Car

    Curl up on your side in fetal position. Have your partner kneel on one leg by your sweet ass, while the other foot goes up by your knees for leverage. If he slides a well-lubed hand between your legs as he thrusts, keep him around.

  2. On a sofa: The Presser

    Take advantage of the low height by sitting with your butt at the very edge and leaning back on your hands. Your partner kneels to enter, with his knees spread wide. He holds onto your thighs to pull you still deeper onto him. The futon's preternatural firmness that plagues you when you're trying to sleep is your friend here. You get the deepest of penetration, plus if you rub yourself with a hand, you'll no longer care about the whole sofa thing.

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  3. In a Sleeping Bag: The Top CAT

    Chances are if you're in a sleeping bag with him, you're into him. Make your connection closer to a variation of the romantic slow grind that is the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). You lie down on top of him and slide your body down his until the top half of his penis is rubbing against your vulva/clit region. Grind, rub, and slide yourself over his penis—the movement is all gonna be in your hips. But here's the best bit: The slow build and clit-focused stimulation exponentially boost your odds of having an orgasm.

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  4. In a Loft (aka a low-roofed area): The Loft Slide

    In a loft, you've gotta stay low—however, this is nothing but good news for fans of grinding. The key here is your partner's leg between your legs so you can press against their thigh (go ahead and lube it up). If you're with a guy, make sure there's enough of an angle so their penis won't break off. If you're with a woman and you want to add something extra, she can wear a strap-on or you can writhe against her. For either set of equipment, it's easy to add a toy or hand to the festivities.

  5. In a Bottom Bunk: Electric 69

    There's not much height, not much width—so get creative with a 69 hybrid. Lie on your sides but instead of your partner using their mouth on you, hand them a powerful toy. If it's a penis that's in your face, use your mouth or a masturbation sleeve. If it's a V you're dealing with, reciprocate with their favorite toy. The best part: In a usual 69, when a partner gets super turned on, their mouth just sort of...tapers off...but a toy just keeps chugging along.


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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