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5 Ways To Unlock Your ~Kilig Feels~ During The Lockdown

Because you deserve to feel all the *feels* even when you're home 24/7!

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When was the last time you blushed, did a happy dance, or squirmed in kilig? If you’re finding it hard to pinpoint a time during these days, you’re not alone. The thrill of kwentuhan, dating, and going out have been quashed since the pandemic started. And after several lockdowns, it has become challenging to stay as homebodies, especially when you’re craving social connections. To help you bring back the good *~feels~* in your life at home, here's a list of simple hacks you can try: 

1. Catch your favorite oppa’s latest K-drama
NGL, but one of the skills you’ve probably honed during the ongoing lockdown is the ability to multitask—that is, attending online meetings and working from your laptop while *secretly* watching K-drama on your phone. And we know how K-drama has been known to help fans cope with the rather stressful realities of the pandemic! So yes, whenever you need some dose of kilig in your day, go ahead and catch your fave oppa's show, stat.

Or, why not find your real oppa instead? These days, you don’t need to meet someone *~organically~* to get a date. Dating app Bumble makes the whole process a breeze online, especially with its Basic Info Badges that allow you and your potential ~honey~ to share more about yourselves without taking space in the Bio section. Badges include star signs (if you’re into that), and what you’re looking for on Bumble, so you can *swipe* wisely!

2. Rewatch timeless rom-coms
Some romantic comedies are considered timeless because of the unforgettable lines uttered during the film. Since waiting for the lockdown to be over is like “waiting for rain in this drought,” it’s not a bad idea to relive a romantic flick about “a girl standing in front of a boy” and watch them fall in love again “most ardently.”

3. Listen to a playlist filled with love songs
If you can’t feel the ~feels~ on-screen, you might have better luck with music. Try curating a playlist of your own—one with songs that have a personal connection to you and your memories. Feel free to add songs from rom-com soundtracks, too!

Or, why not find someone with similar taste? If there’s one thing that’s more kilig than listening to senti playlists, it’s finding someone who listens to the same music as you. In addition to the Basic Info Badges on Bumble, the app has Interest Badges to help paint a picture of how your potential match prefers spending their time. In terms of music, you can link your Spotify account to your Bumble profile to display your top artists to find matches on the same wavelength as you.

4. Finish a project in a newfound hobby
ICYDK, kilig can still manifest beyond the realms of romantic love—it bubbles up in moments of self-love, too. Got a current or newfound hobby? Start a project, take your time to finish it, and cherish the moment when it’s done. Be it crocheting, pottery-making, or breadmaking, a finished product made by your hands can fill you with pride and euphoria. 

5. Find a *~real~* connection online
It doesn’t matter if you're an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in between—humans are social beings, and you thrive in connections. Since you can’t go out and meet people physically, you can still find real connections online through a safe and innovative app like Bumble

Distance shouldn’t be a problem these days because Bumble now has video chat and voice call features to further help you connect with your matches. Doing so will help make you feel safe before sharing any personal information with other people. To use the features, just find a match then tap the video or phone icon at the top right-hand corner of your convo screen. 

Even better: Try Bumble’s virtual dating tools to keep in touch with your honey! You can opt to have a Virtual Date Badge on your profile so users would know you’re down to video chat; play the Question Game to find a common ground before sharing details with each other; and even send an Audio Note to your match if you have some funny stories to tell.

Download the Bumble app via App Store or Google Play Store to start connecting with people online, or register here using your desktop. For more details, follow Bumble on Facebook and Instagram.

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