5 Women In His Life You Shouldn't Be Worried About

Because you'll always be his number one.

1. The female best friend

She’s like a sister to him, so don’t feel threatened by their relationship. It’s purely platonic. In fact, he probably conisders her a "bro." He tells her everything because they’ve known each other forever and he trusts her. Besides, who else is going to help him fix his mess when he screws up with you? Guys don't normally like talking about their feelings with other guys, so they turn to their lady BFFs. She understands both him AND women, so her advice will definitely benefit you.

2. The flirty officemate

You trust him, right? If you’re secure enough to know that he wouldn’t cheat on you or do anything that might jeopardize your relationship, then flirty girls are not a threat. Yes, they will make pa-cute to try to get his attention, but be rest assured that he won’t flirt back because he has you. It’s nothing more than an ego boost for him.

3. The ex-girlfriend

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Even if your guy is still friends or in good terms with his ex, it doesn’t mean he’s still carrying a torch for her. It's actually a sign of his maturity. Again, he chose YOU. There's no need to be insecure.

4. The childhood kabarkada

Just like the female best friend, female kabarkadas are not a problem because he has no romantic feelings for them whatsoever. They're just buddies. Don’t be that girl who doesn’t allow her boyfriend to have female friends. You wouldn't want him to ban you from hanging out with your guys friends, would you?

5. The overprotective mom or sister

Okay, maybe a little worried, but only because her opinion of you probably means a lot to your boyfriend. Play your cards right and just be yourself. She might be cold in the beginning, but she’ll warm up eventually, especially if she sees how much he loves you. 

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