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6 Ways To Sex Up Your Holidays

Ho, ho, oh!

Vacations aren’t only reserved for the summer. With the popularity of seat sales and budget flights gaining traction, people are maximizing R&R by taking time off even as the year nears its end. And if you’re planning on taking a trip with that special someone, it will be in your best interest to make things as steamy as a sweaty summer’s day despite the onslaught of the ber-months.

It’s time to book a one-way ticket to hotsville, ladies! Listed below are some suggestions on how to level up your sex game while on vacay.

1. Pack some naughty lingerie

Okay, so you’ve packed your resort wear and you’re eager to bust out your #OOTD-ready looks. But if you have your man in tow, make some space in your luggage for some enticing undies come hotel time. Come on, you're on vacation! Leave the pajamas in your bedroom closet!

2. Get frisky up in the air

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Vying for a spot in the Mile High Club is already passé. So why not risk some mid-flight foreplay instead? Since you’re seated next to your beau, bust out a jacket or sweater that’s capable of concealing your hands and lap area. Allow him to fondle you as you pretend to sleep amidst ignorant fellow passengers. Turbulence: guaranteed. 

3. Try some in-tent thrusting

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Hiking up a mountain and camping with a huge group is one way of testing your physical and mental strength as a couple. Once you’ve reached base camp, translate that rush of adrenaline into some well-deserved summit nookie. Revel in your afterglow as you cuddle by the campfire. 

4. Go skinny dipping

All you’ll need is a bottle of tequila to rid yourselves of initial inhibitions. Then coax your man into swimming nekkid in the moonlight and make love while in the ocean. Just try not to drown while you’re bumping uglies.  

5. Sneak in a mid-tour quickie

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Trips on foreign soil will often have you taking group tours. You’ll see temples, gardens, monuments, and other local sights that are tourist-friendly. Challenge your inner-exhibitionist by pulling your man aside for some ninja-sex. A quickie in a café’s bathroom, maybe? How about some oral sex in the shadowy corners of a museum? What about some cunning cunnilingus in the park bushes? Just be careful not to get caught. especially in extremely conservative countries. Trust, you wouldn’t want to be locked up abroad. 

6. Find a hot couple to swing with

WARNING: This one might be reserved for the more experimental as it might have an adverse effect on the relationship. But if you’re feeling gung-ho and more adventurous than normal, make your way to the nearest bar and zero-in on an attractive (preferably European, because, you know, they’re more open-minded that way) couple that catches your fancy. Buy them some drinks, make them a proposition, and should they agree, invite them back to your hotel room to party. Don’t forget to have the men use protection; you wouldn’t want to bring home some nasty diseases!

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