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6 Alternative Dates You Can Do This Weekend

If you're sick of eating out...

1. Take the Plunge at Flying Trapeze PH

Why you should go: Swing from a 25-foot high platform and enjoy a bonding experience with your boy, because swinging like Tarzan is totally ~*normal*~.

What’s there to do: Sign up for an open swing class or join a trapeze class to learn the basics of acrobatics. It’s a fun fitness alternative that literally takes your breath away.

Budget: Starts at P1,000. Advanced booking is required

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2. Enjoy indie books at Uno Morato

Why you should go: Go low key with a bookstore date. But not just any bookstore—it's a bookstore stocked with independently published Pinoy authors.

What’s there to do: You could catch open mic poetry night or join a songwriting workshop. Enjoy all of these with a pitcher of their signature Kalsada coffee to achieve maximum chill-ness.

Check out: and

3. Learn archery at Gandiva Archery & Cafe

Why you should go: Now you, too, can be Katniss Everdeen! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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What’s there to do: Enjoy archery lessons from a seasoned expert then cap things off with a quick café stop. 

Budget: Rates start at P980/person/hour.

Check out: and

4. Paint and drink at Sip + Gogh.

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Why you should go: Nothing is classier than learning how to paint while drinking wine. #cultured

What’s there to do: Learn how to replicate famous masterpieces while enjoying a glass of merlot.

Budget: Rates start at 1,000 depending on which session you pick.

Check out: and

5. Animal Cafes at Miao Cat Cafe and Barkin' Blends

Why you should go: Visit a place perfect for cuddling…kitties and puppies.

What’s there to do: Enjoy the company of the most adorable companions you’ll ever meet while sipping on your choice of cold or hot drinks.

Check out: Barkin' Blends Cafe (for dog lovers) and Miao Cat Cafe (for cat lovers).

6. Coffee classes at EDSA BDG

Why you should go: Do both of you share a love of caffeine? Then take it to the next level with coffee classes through Brewing 101 at EDSA BDG. Bottoms up, pinkies up!

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What’s there to do: Learn how to whip up a perfect cup of your favorite brew in no time. Choose from three modules based on your skill level.

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