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6 Crazy Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Male Masturbation

Know more about the guys' go-to thing.

1. There's a technology that produces energy whenever he jacks off.

Pornhub created a device called the Wankband that produces kinetic energy while a guy masturbates. The band has a little metal ball inside it that runs back and forth, producing energy with every wrist movement. One can then use the band to power up mobile devices, from smartphones to cameras to tablets. With a number of guys around the world who masturbate, this creation makes a lot of sense!

2. There's such a thing as a penis ring.

A penis ring is a ring-like device meant to be used to prevent erections and/or masturbation sessions at night. It would inflict pain on the wearer if he had an erection while sleeping (which occurs quite often).

3. Guys need to do it.

It's natural for people to lose muscle tone as they age, and the penis is no exception. That's why most men need to hit the gym or, in this case, a casual fapping sesh every now and then to help keep that muscle rock-hard and prevent erectile dysfunction.

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4. There's a trick guys have tried to make it seem like they're getting a hand job from someone else.

They sit on their non-dominant hand until it gets numb, then they place it on their penis and jack off.

5. In some cultures, masturbation is encouraged.

For the Namu of Africa, it was encouraged in males. And when we say encouraged, we mean it was REALLY encouraged. Mutual masturbation even happened between young boys and married men, which was considered a gesture of kindness since it involved (literally) lending a helping hand to the adolescent to further explore his sexuality.

6. There's such a thing as autoerotic asphyxiation, and it's really dangerous.

It's a fetish that has a guy choke himself while he masturbates on the way to the Big O. The loss of blood flow and oxygen to his brain supposedly lets him have a more fulfilling orgasm.

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