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6 Facial Cues To Watch For On A Date

Does your guy dig your date move...or does it make him just want to flee? Find out by paying close attention to his face!
We know that the last thing you want to do on a date with a new guy is mess up, but it won’t hurt to take a few dating risks! Whether by asking him an out-of-the-box question, taking him to an exotic place, or doing something potentially embarrassing, your new dude will instantly see you as fun, interesting, and irresistibly hot.

But how do you gauge if your daring flirt tactic is benta? Cosmo rounds up some common facial expressions that give your date away!

Your Date Is Turned On If…

He smiles broadly. If his grin reveals both rows of teeth and his eyes crinkle at the corners, he’s thrilled.

He smirks. It means he’s happy but maybe a bit embarrassed.

He raises his eyebrows and grins. It means he's pleasantly surprised.

Your Date Is Freaked If…

He curls his lip. This is a sign of annoyance. He probably wants you to back off.

He opens his mouth and juts out his jaw. He’s likely shocked and a little irritated.

He raises his eyebrows and rolls in his lips. He may be a bit put off by your move and feel defensive.

Source: Mary Dawne Arden, professor of culture and communication at New York University
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