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6 Hot Spots For Meeting Guys

Discover the prime venues that are teeming with hot men you can befriend--and maybe even hook up with!

It happens to all single girls at some point: You're at a party when you realize that you're surrounded by the same group of guys you saw last week and the week before that...and you're not interested in any of them. Your first reaction may be to guzzle beer and make out with your ex, but we have a better plan: Start hanging out in the new man-meeting hot spots and mastering the icebreakers that put guys at ease. You'll soon have so many terrific date options, you'll be pawning off excess hotties on your friends.

1. The Lunch Line At The Caf

The office cafeteria is teeming with men mid-day--perfect for cozying up to that hot guy from the finance department at the lunch line.

2. Ultimate Frisbee Leagues

No less than Cosmo Centerfold Hall of Famer Derek Ramsay plays this coed sport. Go to the Philippine Ultimate Association website for a list of leagues in various areas.

3. Long Tables At Restaurants

Sitting at a communal table is the primo environment for asking the cute guy next to you if he'd like a bite of your creme brulee.

4. Behind The Scenes At A Big Event

Donating your time at a cool happening--like backstage duty at a concert or rock festival--will have you floating in a sea of fun, laidback guys.

5. Dude-Specific Book Events

Pop-culture and humor authors bring out literary lads in droves. Check out the events page at Fully Booked's website for the next graphic-novel book signing.

6. Gaming Arenas

Arenas like Timezone (with outlets all over the country) are crawling with guys. Show off your dancing skills to a cutie on the Dance Revo booth.

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