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6 Super Sex Tricks Sure To Drive Him Wild

Try this collection of seductive stunts that involve a cotton cloth, a deck of cards, and...earplugs? Just trust us. Your honey will thank us for it.
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If you didn’t characterize it as mind-blowing, you’re missing out. But don’t worry, we’re going to take you (and him) to that level of other-worldly arousal and gratification. You may not want to aim for this high mattress watermark every time though, since what makes mind-blowing sex so, well, mind-blowing is that it feels special and extra-intense. But if you’re ready to experience it now, dig in.

1. Pay Special Attention

Everyone knows that a guy’s testicles are part of his primo pleasure zone, but too often, the boys get the short shift because all the attention goes to his main man. “Women tend to focus on the penis, but touching, stroking, and lightly fondling the testicles can give men intense satisfaction,” says Gloria Brame, PhD, a clinical sexologist in Georgia.

To treat your guy to a new level of bliss, dip a soft cotton cloth into a bowl of very warm water. Then rub his testicles with the wet cloth to warm and lubricate them. Next, slowly and gently run your fingertips up his inner thigh, across his lap, and back down his other thigh. By this point, his heart—as well as his other body parts—will be pounding with anticipation. So use your tongue to trace a big W along the outline of his testicles: down one side, up the middle, down the middle, and up the other side.

Mix up the amount of pressure you apply—a soft flicker one minute, a harder press the next. By alternating your moves, you’re providing delicious distraction, and soon his eyes will be rolling back in his head with pleasure. When he’s in such a frenzy that he can barely breathe, treat him to full-on oral sex. (See below.)

2. Play Nooky By Numbers

Think of this as a way to make foreplay more fun. Shuffle a deck of cards and put them facedown between you and your guy. Then take turns picking cards from the pile. Follow the directions below, and play for as long as you can stand it.

The Rules:

Whoever draws a number card kisses that many spots on the other’s body.

Whoever draws a queen gets a 10-minute massage.

Whoever draws a king gives a 10-minute massage.

If a jack is drawn, you simultaneously pleasure each other for five minutes.

are wild. Whoever picks one gets to have any carnal wish fulfilled.

3. Try The Move That Will Get You Engaged

There’s a difference between great oral sex and “Damn, is this really happening? Whoooooaaaa!” oral sex. The second one is so amazing, he’ll want to lock you in for life. The trick: Start slow and soft, gradually building the anticipation.

Begin by holding his penis with one hand and placing it in your mouth. Keeping your tongue still, move his member back and forth inside your mouth, even letting it brush gently against your teeth. When he starts whimpering like a little puppy, run the tip of your tongue up and down his shaft. Then take all of him into your mouth and keep alternating between licking and sucking, so he never knows what to expect. “The element of surprise adds an excitement factor,” says Brame. After a few minutes, add more pressure. In addition to your mouth, put your hands into the mix.

One strategy that will make his head spin: Lightly pull on the skin of his testicles, tugging in sync with your mouth movements. Then try some perineum play. “The area between the testicles and anus is supersensitive because it’s packed full of nerve endings,” says Lou Paget, author of The Great Lover Playbook. “Touching it puts pressure on the male G-spot.” To give him a pleasurable jolt he will never forget, use the knuckle of your pointer or middle finger to gently knead his perineum.

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4. Take Him From The Top

True, guys can be control freaks sometimes. But when it comes to sex, they’ll gladly give it up to see you take the reins. “There are many reasons why men love woman-on-top sex, not the least of which is the visual factor,” says William Granzig, PhD, professor of clinical sexology at Maimonides University in North Miami Beach. “Plus, it’s a turn-on for many men when women are the aggressors, especially because that’s less often the case.” And it ain’t too shabby for you either. After all, being in charge of the amorous action allows you to make the moves that maximize your pleasure.

To start, straddle him and make slow, grinding circular motions with your hips, alternating between a clockwise and a counterclockwise direction. After doing this for a couple of minutes, begin to move up and down very slowly. Then return to the circular moves, only this time, lean back a little to give him an unparalleled view of your body. At this point, maintaining control will be tough since you’ll both be clamoring to reach the finish line.

5. Have A Killer Quickie

Nanosecond sex may be over in a flash, but it can end in one turbocharged orgasm. “A quickie is so intense because there’s nothing romantic about it,” explains Granzig. “It’s all about raw, spontaneous passion. Guys especially love it because it eliminates performance anxiety—they don’t have to worry about maintaining an erection.”

To launch your attack, wait until you’re feeling really amorous. You need to be fully aroused (read: lubricated) to enjoy it. Then jump him when the last thing he’s thinking about is sex—like while he’s watching the game or working at the computer.

The approach: Sit down next to him, seductively run your hand up and down the zipper of his jeans, and just wait for him to pounce on you. Total time: 120 seconds. Total effect: a top 10 all-time sexual experience.

6. Treat Him To An Erotic Extra

Maybe you have a battery-operated friend you whip out when you’re solo, but chicks aren’t the only ones who can benefit from orgasmic gadgets. “Simply put, incorporating toys into your lovemaking is fun and can enhance the pleasure for both of you,” says Paget. “Some men might feel threatened if they’ve never used a sex toy before. If that’s the case, ease his mind by reassuring him that the toy is not a replacement but rather an erotic addition.” Here are three pleasure props that are sure to score big-time.

Stealth vibrator
. “The rapid pulsations of an electronic device add a whole new dimension of sensation,” says Paget. To make sure your guy doesn’t get freaked out by a fake phallus, opt for one that’s not shaped like a penis, and try these techniques: Place it behind his testicles or on the V-shaped underside of his penis during foreplay; put it against the outside of your cheek while you’re going down on him; or sandwich it between your genitals during intercourse to electrify both of your orgasms.

Earplugs. “Cutting off distracting auditory input by wearing earplugs during sex puts you in a kind of pleasure vacuum and forces you to concentrate on the physical sensations,” explains Granzig. If you don’t have earplugs, roll up some cotton balls and stick ’em in...his ears, that is.

His necktie. Push your naked guy against the wall. Take his tie and wrap it around his wrists, as if you were going to treat him to light bondage, then quickly pull it away and string it between his legs. Gently move it back and forth against his penis in a sawing motion, causing some tantalizingly frisky friction.

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