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6 Things Guys Would Ask Your Vagina If They Could

Does it hurt when I pull out of you?

1. How deep do you go? Can I lose my penis in there? I don’t want there to be a dead end in this tunnel of love! Please tell me it goes on forever… 

2. What’s that funky smell? It’s weirdly pungent, but hey, I like it!

3. Does it hurt when I pull out of you? After sexual intercourse, you kind of look sore and raw sometimes… If that’s my fault, I’m soooooooorry!

4. Do you prefer my tongue rather than my penis? I think we all know the answer to that one, huh?

5. What does it feel like when I come inside you? Is it icky? Sticky? Good? Or all three? Do you even feel anything?

6. Where exactly is your clitoris? I wasn’t listening in anatomy class that day as I was too busy flirting with my hot seatmate. Can I Google it? Maybe Siri would know the answer. *brings out iPhone*

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