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6 Things That Happen When You And Your Ex Have The Same Barkada

Why is this so awkward?!

1. You want them to take YOUR side. Even if you don’t verbally admit it, deep down you want them to be on your team. You’re heartbroken, of course, and in that state you make the breakup a popularity contest. 

2. His name is always brought up. And what he’s up to, whom he’s dating… And it’s become much harder to move on ‘cause you hear his name all the time! Your friends can’t help it though and there’s nothing wrong, for they, too, are HIS friends.

3. Gatherings have become so awkward. Hanging out with your ex is inevitable. You’re bound to attend the same parties, but you won’t arrive together. Sometimes your friends have to choose between the two of you when y'all are going out. Kfine, they can’t always invite you ‘cause, duh, it’s weird for them, too.

4. The prospect of introducing someone new is too complicated. Your friends are the first people you want The New Guy to meet. But you aren’t comfortable with the thought of your ex being there when all you wanna do is show off this amazing guy to your friends.

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5. You distance yourself from friends who are closer to him. True enough, not everyone in your barkada is your BFF. Some of them probably knew him way before they knew you. And when a breakup happens, they’ll probably stick with the one they have more loyalty to—your ex.

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6. Eventually one of you leaves. Especially if it was a bad breakup. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with leaving the group. Maybe it’s for the best so you can both heal and move on. And perhaps one day, not too far off in the future, you’ll all just laugh about it over drinks just like the good old days.

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