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6 Ways To Crank Up Your Holiday Sex Life


Why not gift yourself with a hotter sex life in this season of giving? There’s no harm in adding a little more ho-ho-ho to the holidays! Remember, when it comes to bedroom shenanigans, it’s always better to be on Santa’s naughty list.

There’s nothing sexier than a sincere kiss under the mistletoe. But if you’re not at a holiday get-together and you're in the privacy of your own home, give the traditional lip-lock a snow-melting upgrade. Kick the MOMOL up a notch by taking things to a torrid level. It’s Christmas anyway, so be a tad more generous with your smooch sessions.

Take your cue from reality star Kendall Jenner and pair that kooky Santa hat with some scintillating lingerie. It’s the sanest yuletide costume to spin into something more sexual...unless your man is into elves and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer—now that’s a Merry Christmas!

Nothing is packed with more trashy symbolism than a striped candy cane. Long and hard. Sweet as it touches your tongue. Filled with enough saccharine goodness to send you to the dentist post-holidays. This peppermint stick was meant to be sucked on. You get the picture. 

If claustrophobia isn’t a problem and you’re feeling a bit naughty, buy enough satin ribbon to wrap around your naked body. Have a close friend pack you into an amply sized box, wrap you in it, and stick a card indicating the boyfie’s name. Also, don’t forget to poke some holes for breathing room—you don’t want to turn into the Ghost of Christmas Present. Patiently wait by your Christmas tree 'til your beau arrives. Like a kid on Christmas morning, he’ll be happy to have two things to unwrap.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Mean Girls, then you’re probably aware of the infamous “Jingle Bell Rock” scene where The Plastics revamp the orthodox St. Nick outfit into something worthy of a men’s mag. Give your guy a performance he’ll never forget and he’s bound to be singing your praises 'til the New Year.

Everyone’s so used to playing this holiday game at work, but why not play a more intimate, one-on-one version with your man? Instead of sticking to plain old themes of gifts that are as boring as "something round" or "something sweet," why not get creatively kinky? “Something sticky you can lick off of my body” and “something you can wear that will give me pleasure” could be a good start. And the final gift? You could be each other’s unwrapped present to enjoy for the chilly December nights ahead. 

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