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6 Ways To Win Back His Attention After An Argument

Lambingin mo lang nang konti!

Cook up a storm.

Seducing his stomach with a tasty meal will not only calm him down, but will also uplift his mood. There’s nothing like some good old steak and beers to make your man quit being angry. Then you can cook up a storm in the bedroom right after. Hehe!

Turn up the sweetness.

When your own frustration has dissipated, cuddle up to your beau and cover him with kisses. Lambingin mo lang nang konti! He’s bound to fold! Don’t stop until metaphorical ants start swarming over you two. Just avoid annoying baby talk. That could start another argument altogether.

Make him laugh.

If you can switch on your silly mode for a few minutes just to relieve the tension, then do it. Crack a joke. Make light of the discussion. Once you get him to ROFL, he’ll see the ridiculousness of his being too serious.

Attack him with emojis!

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If there’s one thing all those messaging apps and cute stickers are good for, it’s for mending (and solving) relationship disputes. How can you stay mad when there’s a cuddly panda with gushy hearts for eyes staring at you in apology? The answer: YOU. JUST. CAN’T.

Give him some time.

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This is the most effective way of healing. Allow each other to ponder, ruminate, and assess the reason you are arguing in the first place, and you’ll both find that saying sorry to each other for whatever it is you were bickering about isn’t so difficult after all. Clear the air. Clear your heads. Remove yourself from the crippling heat of the moment.

Lace it up!

When all else fails, surprise him by making yourself look super sexy come nighttime. Put on your nastiest lingerie before going to sleep and make him see what he’s missing out on. Trust, he’ll be bugging you all night and uttering the words: “Uy, sorry na, babe!”

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