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7 Explosive Sex Moves We Dare You To Try

Take your sack sessions to the next level with these expert-formulated maneuvers.

Because it had been a while since we’d heard about any wild, Cosmo-worthy sex moves, we came up with a delicious idea: have seven pleasure experts each invent an amazing, advanced-lovers-only trick. Voila—the Cosmo Sex Challenge was born. Thanks to our creative slew of sexperts, we’ve come up with new mattress moves to banish the blahs in bed. Read on and test-drive them all!


How to do it: Lie back on a large exercise ball (or beach ball), your legs spread, feet flat on the ground, head arched upward, and fingers reaching toward the floor for support. Have your guy kneel between your legs and enter you. He can continue kneeling while holding your hips as he thrusts or he can stretch his body over yours and support himself with his hands on the floor in a push-up position. Grab his butt and draw him into you or keep your hands on the floor for balance as he moves in and out.

Why he’ll love it: The exercise ball will roll out from under you if he thrusts too hard or too fast, so your workout partner has to restrain his motions—no wild bucking— which will keep his desire on a slow, super-hot boil. Also, maintaining your balance will force you to tilt your pelvis upward slightly, so he’ll experience intensely deep penetration.

—Sari Locker, PhD, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Amazing Sex


How to do it: Once your man becomes aroused, don’t move on to intercourse. Your goal is to reach the peak using his unit as your personal sex toy. A few ways to do this: Get in the woman-on-top position, but instead of letting him enter you, slide up and down along his shaft. Or, lie side by side, take his penis in your hand, and stimulate your clitoris with the head. Then, when you’re on the brink of a big O, let him know...Your motions will have revved him up so much, he’ll be able to let go at the same time you do.

Why he’ll love it: Guys dream of being used as a sex object, and now that fantasy will come true. The constant stimulation of your hottest body zone touching his, plus the sight of you teasing and pleasing yourself, will set him up for a turbo-charged orgasm in tandem with yours.

—Sex Therapist Ian Kerner, Phd, author of He Comes Next


How to do it: Greet your man while wearing a pair of fishnet stockings, then seductively strip them off and slip the stockings over one hand. After rubbing a few drops of lubricant onto his penis, make a loose fist with the netted hand and glide it against the crown—the ridge where the shaft of his member meets the head. As he gets worked up, add more lubricant (otherwise the fishnets could chafe him). Bring him to climax with quick back-and-forth motions around his crown while pumping your bare fist up and down his shaft.

Why he’ll love it: While your bare hand will feel smooth against his shaft, the ribbed fishnets will create a slightly rougher sensation on his ultra-sensitive crown, something he’s probably never experienced before. Plus, the idea of having such a naughty, bad-girl garment against his privates will push him over the edge. Every time he looks down and sees what you’re doing, he’ll remember that they’re the same sexy fishnets that covered your legs just a few minutes ago.

—Tracey Cox, author of More Hot Sex And Kama Sutra


How to do it: Ask your guy to lie back comfortably on the bed, then take a can of whipped cream and spray him from his navel to his upper thighs (you may want to lay a towel underneath him first). Begin by slowly licking the cream off the body areas above and below his package. After each lick, kiss his mouth with your lips covered in whipped cream, then bring your mouth back below his belt. Slowly lick all of it off his body…except the cream directly covering his penis and testicles. Not until he’s aching should you finally indulge him with the mouth action he’s dying for.

Why he’ll love it: Your hot tongue licking the cool whipped cream around his package will create intense teasing and titillating sensations, yet leave him longing for more. Each time you switch to kissing his lips, he’ll be desperate to feel your tongue on his southern hemisphere again. Also, sharing a kiss when he’s so aroused creates a sense of intimacy that pumps his libido even higher.

—Sex therapist Laura Berman, Phd, creator of the DVD series Dr. Berman Can Help!


How to do it: Get in the doggie-style position—you on your knees and your guy kneeling behind you. He should then wrap a wide towel under your hips, holding both ends in his hands so he can lift your hips and butt higher and control both of your motions as he thrusts in and out.

Why he’ll love it: By using this makeshift sex sling, he has extra leverage to control the angle and depth of his penetration as well as the pace of his thrusting…unleashing his primal urge to be in charge of the action. It will give him the deepest penetration possible, top-to-bottom penis stimulation, and the excitement of sexual conquest.

—Sadie Allison, DHS, author of Ride ’Em Cowgirl!: Sex Position Secrets For Better Bucking


How to do it: Wrap a terry cloth beach towel around yourselves. While on your sides, curl your top leg around his and have him enter you, his chest against your back and his arms holding you tight across your torso and/or stomach.

Why he’ll love it: Getting busy in a soft, confined space allows him to penetrate you deeply. And with so much of his body pressed against yours—as well as having his hands free to play with your breasts and Vzone—he’ll feel extra-close to you and tuned in to your every response. But the big bonus is the beach towel, which really amps things up. This velvety, lightweight fabric retains all your body heat, creating incredible warmth that makes his skin more sensitive and both of your muscles more limber.

—Ava Cadell, Phd, founder of The Online Coaching School, Loveology University


How to do it: Start by sharing a hot shower with your man. With his back to the showerhead, crouch in front of him. Alternate swirling your tongue and then clamping your lips around the head of his penis, and at the same time, caress his testicles with your wet palm. As the steamy spray from the shower runs down his shaft and behind his testicles, your warm mouth will heat up the tip of his member.

Why he’ll love it: This multitasking move involves two types of wetness—from your mouth and from the shower water. It also treats him to two kinds of pressure on his package: your lips on the nerve-packed head of his penis and your palm on his testicles. All these sensations at the same time will make the experience even more explosive.

—Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, Author Of Made For Sex


“My boyfriend said that he loved looking down at me and seeing the water cascade all over my body.”

“I decided to hop into the shower with him while wearing a white tank top and panties. The sexy wet-T-shirt visual was an extra turn-on for him.”

“My guy always responds to oral action, but the sauna-like temperature made him climax in record time.”

“Before starting on the main event, I used a loofah to tickle and tease his entire body. It primed him for the actual move.”

“So many different sensations all at once!”

“Every so often, I’d stop the action for a few seconds and spray his back and butt with a handheld showerhead. That additional stimulation got him even more worked up.”

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