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7 Heartfelt Ways To Say Sorry After A Fight

A way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

1. Cook him a meal.
Have you ever seen a man refuse a medium rare steak and a cold mug of beer? If it’s indeed true that the way to a man’s heart is true his stomach, then the best way to gain his forgiveness is through an epic spread of irresistible edibles. Well, it also depends on what you did to piss him off in the first place. But for anything surface-level in nature, stuffing him silly should lure him back into your arms.

2. Send him a cute baby picture of yourself.
Suppress his urge to burst in anger by killing him with cuteness. Viber message him some adorable baby photos (coupled with strategically chosen emojis) and he’ll be replying with hearts and smileys in no time. If that doesn’t work, blame your parents for you not being cute enough as a baby.

3. Give him a man-day.
After a huge fight, both of you will just want to spend a day relaxing and enjoying when all is said and done. If you can have your spa and parlor days with your gal pals, allow him some time to unwind with the boys. They’ll play videogames, have a round or two of poker, or just get drunk silly to forget the hardships of your complex relationship. Hopefully, it will remind him of the many ways you are important to him. Space and time are two of the most overlooked needs of the individual, and sometimes when we get caught up in a romance, we forget their value.

4. Book a trip for two.
A vacation is one of the best ways to gauge where your relationship stands. Packing your suitcases and heading for some R&R is a sweet way of telling him that you two should unwind. Just make sure not to get on each other’s nerves mid-trip, otherwise the spontaneous honeymoon might turn into a nightmare.

5. Write him a letter.
Grabbing a pen and putting your apology to paper is the most efficient way to curate your thoughts. Not only will the sincerity permeate through your words, it will also allow you time to thoroughly think things through before you express them. Sometimes, in the midst of a hateful baffle, we spew out trash we never wanted infiltrating our partner’s thoughts in the first place. Going old-school with a letter is a timeless method of communication.

6. Don’t overuse the word “sorry.”
If you keep saying it, the power of the word will lose its effect. Use it sparingly, and with clear intent. There’s no point in throwing it around in an effort to sound remorseful. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

7. Don’t over-explain yourself.
A real apology needs no explanations. Most human beings are guilty of apologizing, only to be followed by word-vomit on why their harmful actions needed to be done. If you were wrong and are asking for forgiveness, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by going into detail. There’s an elegance to knowing when to shut up and take things in stride.

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