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Why You're Probably Not Happy In Your Relationship

You always listen to other people's advice instead of following your heads and your hearts.

1. You constantly compare yourselves with other couples on social media. Remember that not everything online is as real as it seems. All those travel snaps, filtered lovey-dovey selfies, and declarations of adoration have been chosen wisely for public consumption. You guys just do what feels authentic and stop envying FB and IG feeds that aren’t yours to begin with.

2. You always listen to other people’s advice instead of following your heads and your hearts. When people chime in, give their two cents, or offer unsolicited advice about your relationship problems, always take it with a grain of salt. No two couples are the same in this world. And even if they have something wise to offer, it might not work within the dynamics of you and your beau’s bond.

3. Being busy with work often takes away from some intimate time together. Although hacking through the daily grind is a must, don’t forget to carve a nook out in your schedules for some QT. Keep things fresh by going on weekly dates that remind you guys why you’re together in the first place.


4. The sex is getting a bit monotonous. Spice things up a bit by trying new positions. Also, don’t be afraid to tell each other your carnal needs. Communication when it comes to bedroom matters is also the key to climax.

5. Insecurities still prevail. Although these pesky feelings may still pop up once in a while in the course of your relationship, dealing with them is better than suppressing them. Express your vulnerabilities so that change can follow.

6. You rarely go on vacays where you both can just relax. Honeymooning isn’t solely for married couples, you know? Take trips away from the harsh, exhausting challenges of your daily lives. You guys deserve it! P.S. It doesn't have to be an out-of-town or out-of-the-country trip! The best vacays involve logging out of all your respective social media accounts and just spending some legit time together in bed.

7. You’re not on the same page in terms of the relationship’s direction. He might be ready to settle down but you still have a lot of plans as a single woman. You’re ready to have a kid, but he’s still kind of a kid himself. You can’t move forward until you agree to become a “we” or an “us” rather than just an “I”. 

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